State regulation is legitimizing unfeasible water mining

“This doctrine requires the Ministry of Water Resources and regulators to actively decide against handing over precious water in large quantities to profit-making corporations.Conflicts over surface water in rivers and lakes are now frequent due to this ‘scarcity’ experienced by common people. However, researchers have pointed out that the scarcity of water is manufactured by corruption and bad decision-making that distributes water away from human living needs and natural processes, and towards industrialisation, mining, and urbanisation,” writes Kanchi Kohli.

“The contamination of groundwater by companies creates greater injustices. Villagers in Keonjhar district in Odisha have complained that the mines around them have dug several wells without permissions. The Supreme Court-appointed MB Shah Commission in its first report in June 2013 concluded that the large-scale mining operations in the district had completely polluted the groundwater. There has been no remedy so far for their problem, and now village after village is dependent on mine owners for their drinking water supply. The water is brought by tankers from other regions and their quality is untested.”

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