Kachin State jade-mining area to get environment plan

An environmental management plan (EMP) to regulate and ensure sustainable mining in Lone Khin area of Hpakant township in Kachin State has been completed, a consultant of the Australia-based company that drafted the strategy said Monday.

The plan, which included assessment of the social impact of excessive jade mining in these areas, was prepared by Australia-based Valentis & Coffey Co, and a local firm, according to Barton Napier,  Consultant from Valentis & Coffey Co.

“The draft EMP includes plans to solve the possible hazards that can fall upon Lone Khin and Hpakant,” Napier said. “In each stage, detailed plans are included to avoid landslides, to maintain stable, integrated terrain and to prevent flooding by controlling erosion and sedimentation,” he added.After surveys and face-to-face interviews with local residents were conducted by environmentalists and geologists, details like animals and plants protection, waste management, dust reduction, noise reduction and replanting were included in the EMP, he said.

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