Miners beware, keep away from our ancient shrines!

“The miners have been striking it rich in the ore-rich forests of Ballari, raking in the moolah to build business empires and fund the rise and fall of governments. But at serious risk is Karnataka’s precious heritage, which is slowly getting eroded because of the constant hammering from blasts carried out by mining machines as they tear away at the earth’s interiors.  One such historic structure facing ‘extinction’ outside the mining town of Sandur in Ballari district, is the 1200-year-old Kumaraswamy temple complex belonging to the Chalukya-Rashtrakuta period. Shivakumar G. Malagi traces the descent of this temple complex from the ancient wonder it was, to a crumbling structure, with its beauty hidden below coats of dust,” writes Shivakumar GMalagi

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