Auction system for non coal mines: Why this may not deliver results Centre has in mind

Lacunae in the auction system for non-coal mines came to the fore at a recent meeting of the stakeholders who form part of the 29-member committee set up to review the decade-old National Mineral Policy (NMP), 2008, by the mines ministry at the direction of the Supreme Court.

“According to the minutes of the meeting, the Federation of Indian Mineral Industries’ secretary general RK Sharma said auction may not deliver the results the government has in mind as nowhere in the world mineral resources are developed through an auction-based system.the focus should be on having an efficient regulatory mechanism in place and that even a system as one based on auction will degenerate into corruption. In a recent order with regard to illegal or unlawful mining in Odisha, the apex court expressed concern over the environmental degradation and asked the Centre to take a fresh look at the NMP as it is ‘almost a decade old’. Also observing that the ‘rule of the law’ needed to be established to prevent illegal mining activities in other parts of the country, it asked the Centre to announce a fresh and more meaningful and implementable policy before December 31, 2017,” writes  Surya Sarathi Ray

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