R&R anomaly in Mapithel dam

“Life of the settlers of Loktak Lake who were uprooted from their ancestral homes by Loktak Hydro-electric project and of the displaced tribal communities of Khuga dam project in Churachandpur are some of the right examples of social displacement that led to disruptive livelihood and subsequent disaster threw upon them due to mega projects in Manipur so far,” writes Jajo Themson.”If the project authorities, Govt. of Manipur really means to resolve the RR issues of Mapithel dam, should it be best framing up a comprehensive Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) policy first and take steps to finalize the impending issue under its purview, other than inconclusive piecemeal manner like it has been dealing with the history of last three decades of Mapithel dam construction.

Finally, adoption of a holistic and viable state R&R policy program can be an anchor and good exemplary for all upcoming mega projects in the state so that undue victimization to its own citizen in the name of welfare project can be averted to the maximum. Framing up of R&R policy in the line of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is highly incorrigible.

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