Jhilabaai;The fearless tribal leader of Satpura Hills

Aamo Aakha Ek Se (We are one), a documentary film made by Pratibha Sharma about a tribal hero called  Jhilabaai and her fights.

“Jhilabaai is not satisfied with the non-cooperation of the government and as a citizen of this country, she feels cheated.She is a fearless tribal leader, a poet, and an intellectual. Although illiterate, she is a revolutionary and a fighter for her rights. She fights with the government for the rights of her people, for their rights on land, forest, and natural resources, in her own unique way… and ultimately wins the battle. This film depicts the story of Jhilabaai, as well as the conditions the tribals live in, their struggles, their condition before and after independence, and their history,” says Mumbai-based documentary maker Pratibha Sharma.

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