No, Swaminathan Aiyar, Adivasis ousted by the Narmada project aren’t lovin’ it. They are desperate


“The first article is a classic case of misinterpreting data, hiding the more important issues, and drawing conclusions not supported by research findings. Indeed, Aiyar’s own figures show that the Adivasis do mind being ousted. As for the second post, can the ousted people who are “loving it” expect a large helping of fries on the side? Does it taste great what Aiyer is writing but is really junk?” asks Shripad Dharmadhikary & Nandini Oza.

//Given that the oustees were resettled 25-30 years ago and that the Sardar Sarovar project has poured in hundreds of crores of rupees for resettlement, the figures given by Mr. Aiyar don’t speak of the oustees being better off. In fact, they point to their pathetic condition. After 30 years and a huge amount of money being spent, 55% of the resettled people have no access to drinking water, 63% to Primary Health Centres and 86% to hospitals. This when the oustees live close to cities while their former neighbors remain in remote hilly areas. True the oustees owned more cycles and motorcycles, but that may be simply because they are less useful in hilly areas. In any case, cycles and motorcycles are less crucial than drinking water and access to healthcare services.//

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