Mega Dams Are A Trend That The World Stopped Following Long Ago, But Why Hasn’t India Yet?

“While inaugurating, Modi chose to ignore protests by displaced people in Madhya Pradesh who have not been provided habitable resettlement in spite of Supreme Court’s specific order on 8 February 2017 to this effect.He forgot the history that the mega-dams are not new for the country. Immediately after independence, India faced the food scarcity due to the division of the country and subsequent huge population displacement,” writes Ashok Swain.

“Besides a litany of environmental problems, large dams have displaced nearly 30 million people in India and the rehabilitation of the displaced population has been extremely limited and unsuccessful.In most cases, cash compensation was paid and it became subject to corruption and exploitation. When the land was given, it was often inferior and unproductive. The landless people received nothing for their displacement. Hence, the very people whose wealth and welfare the projects were supposed to enhance, have ended up worse off economically and demoralized socially.”

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